About Me

While my roots are in Berlin, my consultancy is international.

My passion for traveling, snowboarding and photography has taken me around the globe. I have lived in Scotland, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and Austria for extended periods of time.

I am a member of the German-Japanese Business Association e.V. (DJW). Furthermore, I am a member of the German-Japanese Society Berlin e.V. (DJG) and its choir. This reflects my very special interest in Japan and indeed love for the Japanese culture.

With my mother being Irish and my father being German/Hungarian, I was brought up bilingual and have equal fluency in English and German. I also speak French and Japanese.

I hold a Master of Arts Degree in English Philology, Prehistorical Archaeology and Classical Archaeology from the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. During my studies, I was awarded an Erasmus scholarship for the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where I thoroughly enjoyed courses in English & Scottish Literature.

In my English Philology, Prehistorical Archaeology and Classical Archaeology studies, it was the human aspect that intrigued me the most. For me this meant that I was always asking myself what was the driving force behind people´s decisions. In other words, I wanted to know what made them tick. I wanted to come to grips and understand their transitioning journeys.

This “digging” aspect of my studies – always wanting to know more –has stayed with me and is ever-present in my coaching. Always curious, always on the lookout for those “finds” of uniqueness, those indications of something special. Like a true archaeologist, never satisfied with appearances but always wanting to go deeper and explore the hidden treasures.

As an international Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I work in educational and business environments where I successfully support clients in transitioning into the next chapters in their lives.

In this capacity, I have worked, for example, with international students and post-graduate students on intercultural management, leadership & change management and intercultural communication programs.

I am also the author of “The Transitioning Journey – A Creative Guide to Self-Empowerment“ in which transitioning is presented in a simple, straightforward, yet unique and creative manner.

If you would like to learn more about me, I invite you to go to “Blog” and read what I have to write about transitioning.