How I Work

Getting focused…

On this page you will learn what kind of results to expect, my guiding beliefs & values, my unique coaching approach and what makes me different.

Results you can expect

When you work with me, you

  • explore your vision to ensure that it is 100% you;
  • dig into what is holding you back and leave it behind in order to take complete ownership of your vision;
  • put a personal action plan in place that is attractive, realistic and achievable. Ticking tasks off has never been so easy.
  • learn to focus. You will have a clear destination and a clearly defined path that is simply you.

Guiding Beliefs & Values

I believe that where there is passion there is energy and where there is energy there is life.

Only giving 50% is not an option – I believe in commitment and I always give 100%. I take you and your challenges seriously. And I expect you to do the same and that requires 100% commitment from your side too.

Growth & Development – I believe that each individual is a work in progress, alive with possibilities. And I look for ways to challenge and stretch you in your development.

Integrity – I believe in being honest, open and true to oneself. Only then can you create and live a life that is authentically you.

My Approach

I am intrigued by your unique qualities. Each coaching session begins with where you are at that precise moment in time, picking you up and taking you one step further towards your set goals.

When you work with me you need to be up for a challenge or two. I am a natural developer and I am energised when it comes to supporting you in living up to your full potential and beyond.

When you are looking for a Transition & Life Coach these days, there are a lot to choose from. What makes me unique is my creativity and the fact that I have walked my talk. I have created the life I want to live and am living my passion … that is, supporting you in living yours!

Being bilingual, I coach in both English and German across different cultural environments.

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