As we all know, having a goal in life is essential. Some of us might even go as far as saying that it’s our goal that gives our life meaning.  

Without a goal, the chances are rather high that we’ll get lost and feel confused or restless. So setting goals and staying focused while working towards achieving them appears to be the perfect answer.

Or is it? You may wonder: “What can possibly go wrong with a clear goal?“

Well, haven´t we all felt – at some time or another – that we’re so focused on achieving our goal that we are actually missing out on life itself. When we come to this realization, there is only one thing we can do. And that is to acknowledge that we have literally gotten blinded by our goal.

Yes, goal-fixation can actually prevent you from being present, open-minded and flexible. Three of the key ingredients crucial when it comes to embracing the transitioning process.

I once worked with a client who came to me looking for support in achieving their goal. They were in the process of pinpointing the target group for their new services. But this exercise was now going into its sixth month. And instead of seeing less they were seeing even more target groups.

During the coaching process, something unexpected happened: One of my client´s friends was looking for support in achieving their goal. And they turned to my client for this support.

At first, my client was hesitant. Wasn´t this a mere distraction? Would supporting their friend in achieving their goal take away their time? In fact, wasn’t their time too precious just now?

After some careful consideration, my client agreed to support their friend. However, a strategy was needed for time management. They decided to limit the time they would work with their friend on their goal to 25%.

And the outcome of this detour?

My client found their target group: Young women struggling with combining family life and career. Within no time at all, they had had their first very satisfied client: their friend. And there was another potential client on the doormat!

And guess what? My client was loving the work! They loved looking at challenges from different angles. They loved planning and organizing. And most importantly of all, they felt 100% at home in this setting.

On reflection, my client had not only said “yes“ to a friend in need but to a first-hand experience in their future niche! And the icing on the cake? My client could test and polish their services in a safe environment. 

So the moral of this story is: be present, be open-minded, be flexible. Life happens and more often than not it´s those unexpected detours that support and guide us along the way.

When was the last time you consciously decided to give your goal a break and go on an adventurous detour?


Photography: Gozyta / Fotolia