When it comes to making decisions about which path to take when changing positions or jobs or even professions, there is a very basic decision that needs to be made first:

Am I searching for something better or am I looking for something more me?

If my clients happen to be in a lot of pain because they are either dissatisfied or frustrated or even angry in their current situations, I usually get the following reaction: “I’m looking for anything! Anything is better than where I am now!”

And recently, standing at the checkout in my local supermarket, there it was again. That decision between better or more me.

What had happened?

There were two women standing at the check-out in front of me who had apparently just bumped into each other and were catching up. One of the women spontaneously asked: “How are you doing these days?”

And the other replied: “I´m good. Well … actually I´m feeling a bit down. I´m not really very happy in my current job. I´ve even been thinking about looking for something better.”

Upon hearing this, my coaching mode kicked in. And multiple thoughts went racing through my mind:

  • “What do they mean by better?” …
  • “What does better look like?” and …
  • “How would they define better, if asked?”

But the loudest question of all inside me was:

  • “Are they really looking for a better job or are they looking for something more them?”

And this was the question that got me wondering whether people are aware of the fact that there is a big difference between finding something better and finding something more them.

So, let´s say you went looking for a better job and you found one. At first you feel happy and satisfied. The pay may be better. The workhours might be nicer. The view from your office window more pleasing.

But there is one issue. You have entered the land of comparison. You are – perhaps unconsciously – comparing your new situation to your old one. And after a while you start to feel that familiar uneasiness creeping up again.

Neither here nor there. In fact, in two places at the same time. Tiredness now arrives to keep you company and even encourages you to go looking for something better. Again.

A never-ending search. But does it have to be this way?

When you go looking for something more you rather than something better, you´re searching for something that resonates. Something that moves you. Something that energizes you.

Be it in a new position, a new job or a new career.

You´re now personally ready to go. Eager to engage. Impatient to succeed. Longing to celebrate en route.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t have bad days. But a bad day will just be a bad day. Not a reason to look for something better. Something new.

So, are you still looking to transition into a better job? Or, are you ready and prepared to transition into a position, a job or a profession that is more you?



photo: fotolia / mooshny