When it comes to transitioning into the life we envision for ourselves, it more often than not sounds like a fairy tale.

And it may come to your surprise to learn that this is in fact true. “Yes” transitioning into the life we choose to create for ourselves can be compared to a fairy tale.

Many elements of our transitioning journey actually resemble elements of a fairy tale. In a classic fairy tale, we can find a knight. A princess. An evil witch. A dragon. Or two.

And it´s such characters that play a crucial role in our transitioning progress. Yes, I can imagine what you´re thinking right now.

While some of you might be thinking: “She´s lost it! This sounds way too fantastical.” Some others will probably be having thoughts along one or other of the following lines:

  • “Uhhh … I know exactly who that evil witch is in my life!” …
  • “Oh, I can name you a dragon or two who are making my life really miserable right now!” …
  • “I do wish sometimes that someone would just miraculously appear, sweep me off my feet and save me!”

Great! Congratulations! You´re on the right track. However, as accurate as your observations might be, there´s a big “BUT.” In fact, a twist.

The knight. The princess. The evil witch. The dragon. These characters don´t represent your external world. The environment you move in.

Instead, they represent the different “personas” inside of you. And they will be appearing at regular intervals along the way in your transitioning journey.

At one point, you´re the “princess” in waiting. Ready to be woken up to start that new chapter in your life.

At another point, you´ll find yourself the “knight.” Ready to tackle the challenges which appear. Unexpected. Unannounced. Demanding your attention.

And then there´s the “dragon” who represents all your internal struggles. With mindsets. Beliefs. Values. Cultural conditioning.

These “dragons” don´t necessarily have to be slain. In fact, it would be unwise to do so. They need to be befriended. Understood. Danced with. They´re the call to be brave.

Transitioning is never just about you. It´s about you and your different “personas.” All needing to dance the transitioning journey together. En route to that “happy end.”

So, are you ready and willing to enter your own personal fairy tale?



photo: fotolia/BillionPhotos.com