2018 was a year filled with transitioning journeys. Showcasing the various shapes and forms transitioning can take.

So, what shape did these transitioning journeys take for me? Well, some took the shape of the “expected ones.” Strategically planned. Carefully scheduled. Well thought through.

Then there were those transitioning experiences which came in the shape of “unannounced guest appearances.” Causing disruption. Even havoc. Requiring a lot of deep breathing. Level-headedness. And injections of coffee.

And – last but not least – we had those transitioning journeys triggered by transitioning journeys.

So, what did these shapes and forms look like for me?

Well, a very much planned transitioning journey was my move at the beginning of last year. I knew this would happen. Knew what it would entail. And had – in a sense – fully embraced the fact that there would be hurdles and was ready and willing to dance with these.

A very much “unannounced guest appearance” was the decision to change my marketing concept. Marketing had always been something that I was terrified of. But with time I had learned to embrace it. However, never really truly feeling at home with it.

The decision to transform my marketing was made as I became very much aware of the fact that I was having difficulties enjoying marketing conversations. I wasn´t able to breath anymore. Instead, I was feeling lost, irritated and even at times under pressure.

So what to do? First and most importantly was the exploration of what was working and what wasn´t working for me. Based on that I came up with a plan which laid out how best to move forward.

The transitioning of my marketing strategy took a lot of time and energy. Taking in all the new realities. Adapting to them. Dancing with them. Allowing unexpected solutions to surface.

It turned out to be a journey that – although it was very much unplanned – supported me in my personal growth. Confirming what I can do. Reminding me once again of the limitless amount of perspectives and ways forward that are out there.

The most fascinating aspect of this particular transitioning journey was witnessing myself actually falling in love with marketing. This was most definately not something I had ever expected to happen. Appreciation: Yes. Friends: Maybe. But love: Never.

And then out of the blue came a transitioning journey which was a direct result of my move combined with the change in my marketing strategy. The transitioning of my blog. This was something that was happening quietly. Underneath the surface. But happening nevertheless.

My blog saw itself changing from a regular monthly appearance to an irregular manifestation to what ended in an unannounced hiatus. 

But now we´re back!

With the stress on enjoyment and time on my side, the “Transitioning Blog” will now be published on a quarterly basis i.e. in March, June, September and December.

And this is what transitioning is all about. Embracing realities. At times terrifying. Giving yourself permission to stand still. Taking in various perspectives. And moving forward.

So, what realities are you currently avoiding which may be calling for a transitioning journey?

photo: Judith E. Kovács