Time for awareness. Recognition. Understanding. And appreciation.

When it comes to growth, it´s all about becoming aware. Aware of the emotions we are feeling. Aware of what is working for us. What is not working for us. In other words:

Awareness lies at the very center of personal growth.

Let me share the following story.

I once worked with a client who considered themselves to be very level-headed. Always cool, calm and collected. No matter what was taking place around them. So, what happened in our very first coaching session came as more than a slight surprise to them … and indeed to me.

Out of the blue, my client suddenly started to cry. Tears rolled down their cheeks. And within seconds my client had emotionally collapsed and fatigue arrived.

What had happened? What had triggered this strong emotional reaction? Well, it was the simple question: How is work going?

Taking a long deep breath, we went digging. And within no time at all, we discovered that my client was feeling very much at a loss. Confused. Isolated.

The fact of the matter was that their basic need for belonging was not being met. A need my client was totally unaware of.

With this insight, my client was now in a position to share a number of stories where a sense of isolation had become part-and-parcel of their day-to-day experience.

And at the heart of every story? Variations on asking for a helping hand. Support. Assistance.

But without success. Every single time my client was told to ask someone else. Until there was no one left to ask.

Recognizing that the ball was now back on their court, my client was ready to take the next step. Development was called for.

When it comes to growth, awareness is key. And more often than not, our emotions are the first indicators that the time is ripe. To listen to our emotions. Appreciate our insights. Choose which path we want to take. Which road to follow. Which ocean to sail.

It´s awareness that kicks-off and empowers all transitioning journeys. Long or short. Uphill or downhill. It´s our responsibility to recognize and understand what is going on.

So, when was the last time you tuned into your emotions and kick-started a transitioning journey?

photo: Judith E. Kovács