When it comes to transitioning, there is one key element that tends to be overlooked: Curiosity.

“Curiosity” is something that we normally connect with our childhood. Where everything we see, hear and touch is new and exciting. Constantly finding ourselves in a state of awe. Leaving us always wanting to learn more about the world and its countless wonders.

Carrying “curiosity” on into our adulthood is quintessential when we wish to be successful. Especially in transitioning. Curiosity is a character trait which supports us in being open-minded. Open to exploring the multiple and various options of where we could – and perhaps should – take our lives.

“Curiosity” has us pondering on such questions as: “I wonder … what would happen if I tried this?” … “Is there more to life for me than simply reacting to outside impulses?” …  “If I got a chance to see it from a different perspective, what might I actually see?”.

Let me share the following story.

I once worked with a client who was lost. They were struggling to figure out what they wanted to do with their life and what might be the next career step to take.

When asked what exactly they had in mind, my client replied: “You know. A proper job. A 9-to-5 one. Something stable.”

There was not an ounce of enthusiasm in their voice. Instead they sounded defeated before the journey had even started.

Then I asked: “What are your hobbies?” Looking a bit confused and taking a little bit more time to respond, my client said: “Well, I like repairing, restoring, fixing up furniture in my spare time.”

And so I dug a little deeper. I enquired what was it about fixing up furniture that fascinated them. And without hesitation my client shared with me that it was the “best feeling in the world to bring old pieces of furniture back to life. Sometimes even with a modern twist. Never knowing what the end result will look like.”

So curiosity was apparently a driving force. And creativity its companion.

With enthusiasm in my client´s voice, it was time for us to explore further: “So, what´s stopping you from bringing your curiosity and creativity into your work life?”

After reflecting on this question for a few moments, my client shared with me that over the years they had come to believe that curiosity had no place in their adult life. Least of all in their work life. They believed that being curious meant that others would perceive them as “unprofessional.”

Once my client became aware of this belief and how it was in fact preventing them from accessing the source of their creativity, they realised that the time had come for a change in perspective. Now the transitioning journey could begin. 

Within no time at all, my client uncovered and identified where they wanted to transition to. What kind of job they wanted to have. And were able to take the concrete action steps required to get them there.

Curiosity is crucial when it comes to transitioning. It´s the key to ourselves. To our talents. To our needs. By digging deeper. By uncovering these needs. We can develop into the person we wish to be. 

So, never stop being curious. It gives us the energy we need to discover what the world has in store for you.

When was the last time you embraced your curiosity and risked taking that jump?


photo: fotolia/Nick Dale