As I mentioned in my previous blog – “To lead or be led … that is the question“ – our talents play a key role in how we dance within each and every transitioning process.

In fact, when we live our talents consciously they become our strengths. However, talents lived unconsciously are our biggest weaknesses.

Yes, it´s time to face the hard truth: Our biggest weaknesses are not the things that we are not talented at or qualities that we don´t possess, but indeed our very own talents running wild.

I once worked with a client who had everything going for them. They knew where they were heading. They had the tools to get there. And they had the drive.

But something was always getting in their way of taking action. It wasn´t so much that my client was simply stuck. But that every time they made a step forward, they immediately would take two steps back.

What was the reason for this?

What emerged was that my client was easily distracted. These distractions varied from unexpected demands in their job, sudden requests from friends and on-going family concerns.

From the outside, it appeared as if my client was lacking focus. However, their talent profile told a different story. “Focus“ was indeed one of their five talents. But, it was living them. And on closer examination, we discovered that my client was also being lived by their other four talents as well.

Their “talent profile“ had become their “weakness profile“!

 What had happened? For my client, “focus“ meant that they were very clear about their destination. They were also gifted in assessing which action step they needed to take next.

But they persistently applied this approach to EVERY SINGLE situation in their life. The result was that by the end of the day my client would find themselves completely drained of energy. Their intention to transition to the next chapter in their life had been hijacked by “focus.“

So, agreeing that two priorities is no priority, my client put “focus“ to work on their transitioning. Within six months they had moved to the location of their choice. And with their newly found awareness of their talents, my client was now able to consciously start  living “focus“ and indeed their entire talent profile.

They were able to turn things around. And instead of taking two steps backwards, my client started to consciously move forward one priority at a time.

When it comes to transitioning, it is essential to understand yourself first.  And to become aware of the impact your talents have on your life. Sometimes the only way foward is to embrace reality. Head on!

So, what have your talents been up to recently?


photograph: ©rangizzz/ Fotolia.