This rings true not only when it comes to life in general, but in particular, when it comes to transitioning.

When it comes to transitioning, it is often fear that holds us back from taking the next step en route to entering that new chapter in our lives. More often than not, we find ourselves “waiting” for our “real” lives to begin.

We are somehow actually stranded. And “story-telling“ has become our main occupation. From lists of things needing our attention. To convincing reasons why we are where we are.

Our stories become a serious issue when we mistake them for reality. Standing in our way. Preventing us from taking action and moving on.

What a paradox! On the one-hand, we can´t wait for the future to arrive. While on the other-hand, we can’t move on out of the present.

And at its very core, this is what transitioning is all about. Embracing the paradox. And with that, embracing transitioning itself.

I once worked with a client who had “futuristic” as one of their talents. They were fascinated by the future. Every detail had been worked out. The ideal position to be in when transitioning.

However, their vision had become a fixation. They were totally obsessed with how it was going to change their life. The present was not on their agenda.

But what was it about the present? What was my client avoiding?

Their graduation. In order to transition into that future they envisioned for themselves, they had to graduate first. However, exam fear had arrived on the scene and was holding them hostage!

Overwhelmed by their exam fear, my client was putting all their energy into polishing their future vision. Over and over and over again. Consequently, their present had become very unstable. And their future was slowly disappearing behind the horizon.

So what to do?

The big picture was called for. And slowly but surely my client became aware that the only way their future vision could become their reality was to take one step at a time. One exam after the other.

With this new mindset, my client passed their exams. All with flying colours. Graduation is now history. And their future has arrived in the present.

It’s important to understand that fear is part and parcel of transitioning. And it comes in many shapes and forms. Nevertheless, it needs to be acknowledged. Because life only begins where fear ends.

How are you progressing on the transitioning front?


photography: David Marcu / quotefancy