When it comes to transitioning there is one aspect that we all tend to overlook and that is the language we use. Believe it or not, language plays a key role in the success of each and every transitioning journey.

We’ve all been there at some point or another in our lives. We simply felt stuck. And the first thought that popped into our minds was: “I need help! I need a helping hand!“

Well I’ve got news for you – and it might be a hard truth to swallow – it´s not “help“ or even a “helping hand“ that you need. But, in fact, “support.“

And it´s crucial to understand the difference.

Well, the issue is the following: “Help“ and “save“ go hand-in-hand and the last thing you need is to be saved. What you need is someone to hold the space. While you step back to assess where you are, where you need to be, and how best to get there at this point in time.

Because when it comes to transitioning, it´s all about you. And you only.

And “help“ is out of place. The journey has to start and end with you in the driving seat. 100% of the time. Responsibility is yours and yours alone.

Ownership for the transition can´t be delegated. Never. And for the obvious reason: You are the only person who understands you. How you tick. What pace you need to travel at. And where the journey is going.

The word “support“ triggers distance. It triggers space. It triggers choice. And these are the ideal travel buddies you need to have at your side.

So, it might be time to check your luggage. I mean your language. And indeed to consciously invite “support“ on the journey.

When was the last time you consciously asked for “support“ instead of “help“?


photography: BillionPhotos.com / fotolia