We have all found ourselves lost in transition at some point in our lives.

The best indicator for being lost in transition is when you suddenly find yourself feeling depressed, sad, lost and ready to give up. All you can think of is “How did I get here? How did things end up like this?“

It´s a little bit like when you go on holidays. You´re looking forward to lying on the beach, relaxing, reading a good book. You can´t wait to be there. You start planning and organizing. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, you start feeling your energy draining, you feel stressed and ready to give up.

You have gotten lost in transition!

The same is true when it comes to creating the life you want to live. You have an idea about what you would like to do with your life. The idea alone makes you feel great and energized. You can´t wait for it to become your everyday reality!

Being the creator of your own life can – and most likely is – even more challenging than planning a relaxing get-away. One reason being that when it comes to planning a vacation, we´ve done it before. We know what to watch out for. We know what and how to plan.

When it comes to creating your own life, however, you are basically unsure of what steps you should, could or even need to take.

Even with an idea of where you are heading, you can still get lost along the way. There are so many options to choose from, routes to take, decisions to make.

When you do get lost in transition, it is important to step back from the “nitty gritty“… as I like to call it.

Stepping back can be anything from going for a walk or a run; consciously taking some time off and putting ideas aside for a week or two; to doing something that is completely different and in no way connected to your big picture.

Giving yourself the opportunity to see everything with a fresh perspective and a new pair of eyes is like a boost in disguise. Roads that seemed to be dead-ends change into options.

By taking the time to step back, you will be able to see the big picture.  And, most importantly, you will be able to appreciate the vision you have put in place for yourself once again.