As the well-known saying goes: “Good things come to those who wait.“

Just wait. And everything will fall into place.

Well, to be honest, if those of us in transition were to take this saying literally, the result would be us going absolutely crazy. And in the course of going crazy, losing our focus on the big picture. And consequently, losing the energy we need to create the change we wish for.

When it comes to transitioning, this is the worst thing you can do. Sitting and waiting for something to happen. For the miracle to occur.

Let me share a recent experience of mine in transitioning. A couple of months ago I moved to Austria. It was the result of a well thought-out plan. 

I arrived in Austria with nothing but the bare essentials. A suitcase full of clothes and a couple of boxes with this and that to keep me going. I had no furniture, no light fittings and no internet access. My belongings were en route somewhere between Berlin and my new home.

I had now entered the “waiting phase“ of transitioning my life to Austria.

So what to do in this phase? I was ready to start my new life in Austria. But at the same time I was asking myself: “How do I start a new life while I’m waiting for “my life“ to arrive ?!?!!“

Well, after just a couple of days in this phase I could feel myself on edge. In fact, I thought I would go crazy just waiting around. It was then that I decided to get up and get out. Walking. This was – and still is – something I enjoy doing wherever I live. It’s my way of staying in touch with my environments.

By the time my furniture and boxes arrived, I was well and truly into my transitioning phase. And enjoying it ! By getting to know my local surroundings, I was already feeling at home before “home“ arrived.

But, of course, it is much more challenging to create your life with patience when you don’t know when things will fall into place. 

From my perspective, the key to successful transitioning lies in creating with patience. Patience is the key to everything. We all wish that things would fall into place faster. Answers would pop up quicker. Jobs would just appear overnight.

Transition does not happen overnight. Look for ways where you can productively create with patience. Not every action step needs to be big.

Small action steps – like going for a walk – are just as important if not more important.

Transitioning is like a tree. A tree does not grow overnight. It takes years. It takes decades to grow and transition from a seed to a full-grown, strong and beautiful tree. The same can be said about transitioning. It´s a process that takes place inside. Unseen to the outside world who are left to marvel at the result. 

Transitioning needs time.


photograph: © Felix / Fotolia.