“Am I really truly ready?“ – This is a question that we ask ourselves on a regular basis. Especially when it comes to transitioning. Knowing the answer to this question is essential if you want to move forward and transition into the next chapter in your life.

So let´s say we are ready. Even more than ready. We are overripe – as one might even say. The energy inside us is high and close to overflowing. But then this little hidden secret ingredient that likes to spice things up once in a while pops up. Reality!

I once worked with a client who had the vision, the passion, the qualifications, the connections and the drive. And their talent profile was indeed a strengths profile.

From the outset, this looked like an easy transitioning process. Ready! Steady! Go!

However, there was a surprise on the doorstep. Reality had made a guest appearance.

In order to transition into the life my client envisioned for themself, they were in desperate need to find a balance between their vision and reality. Because, you can´t pay your rent, buy food or simply go to the cinema with only a vision in your back pocket.

While my client was working towards their goal of becoming a researcher, they were also looking for a day-to-day job where they could earn their living until they had reached their goal.

Faced with this hard reality, my client was completely overwhelmed. In order to move forward and continue their transitioning journey, my client needed an action plan. But not any action plan. They needed an action plan with a twist.

The action plan they designed had parallel objectives. It included action steps that needed to be taken for their goal of becoming a researcher. And, it included action steps needed to be taken in order to find a job that would pay for their living expenses and match their strengths profile.

Within no time at all, my client had found the healthy balance between their transitioning journey and reality. Overwhelm was waved goodbye. And it was full-steam ahead.

Reality is a part of life and always needs to be planned in.

How are you relating to reality? Ignoring reality is not an answer. Reality needs as much attention as your vision.


photograph: © moomsabuy / Fotolia.