One little fun fact about our talents: We often use our talents as a means to communicate with the outside world. The world we move in.

The use of our talents has an external focus. In fact, we´re so focused on the outside world that we often forget who the most important beneficiary of our talents is: ourselves.

In other words, we simply neglect how our talents impact us “internally.“ And this has consequences. Not always for the best.

I once worked with a client who had “restorative“ as a talent. In their case, it meant that they enjoyed bringing things back to life. Fixing, resuscitating and rekindling the environment they lived, worked and moved in.

This talent manifested itself in my client´s office and home always being 100% neat and tidy. All files where were put back immediately after their use. All the housework was done without much time being wasted. In fact, my client´s motto was: Everything has its place. And there is a place for everything.

And my client felt happy and satisfied with restoring their environments. They were in their element. “Restoring“ giving them a sense of achievement. A sense of belonging.

However, when I met my client, life was challenging. My client felt constantly stressed, drained of energy, even frantic. Their mind felt as if it was on the go. Nonstop. And not only at work. This stress was with them at weekends, on days off and even on vacation.

What was happening? My client was so focused on restoring everything around them that they had completely forgotten the most important item: themselves.

Spaces meant for relaxation had turned into spaces for restoration! Their mind always thinking about how they could and would be restoring their environment after its “use.“ And this was exhausting.

It was now time to put the talent “restorative“ into its place. And this is exactly what my client did. Consciously taking small and effective steps. Such as deciding weekends were there to relax. Beds did not need to be made. Dishes did not need to be done immediatley. The cushions on the couch could look like cushions on the couch. Crumpled and used.

With lots and lots of conscious practice, “restorative“ found its feet. Stress disappeared. Energy returned. And life was in balance again. My client´s well-being was back on the agenda.

When it comes to our talents, it´s crucial to remember: our talents are there to strengthen us. Not to weaken us. To support us. Not to trip us up. So, don´t let your talents get carried away by external focus.

Do you currently have any talents that might be misbehaving?


photo: Honor Cooper-Kovács